LearningSCAPES 2019,

4-6th October, 2019 Anaheim, CA


LearningSCAPES 2019 

“Creativity, curiosity, imagination, discovery – our visions of learning emerge from our combined knowledge, our accumulated wisdom and our collaborative experiences. Understanding the world around us comes not just from historical precedent, but also from our processes of co-creation. Join us at LearningScapes 2019 as we discover how ‘Co-Creation’ runs through the planning, design, construction, teaching pedagogies and operations of our learning environments across the world.

This event will offer world-class educational sessions and showcase best practices from around the world. We invite you to share your expertise with other industry experts in the vibrant city of Anaheim. As communities all over the world respond to their evolving needs, we ask you to share your lessons, stories and expertise of co-creation of exemplar learning environments.

We invite you to submit your proposals.”


For full information regarding keynote speakers and more, please see here


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