25th September 2014


Freemans Bay School in New Zealand is Leading the way in implementing the government’s ‘innovative spaces’ learning strategy. Terry White shows us how an effective, learner-led curriculum strategy can be fully supported using imaginative architecture.


Freemans Bay School is situated in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand. With a transient, multi-cultural population of 400-500 students aged between 5 years and 11 years, the school
has successfully worked to overcome some major challenges relating to managing the most diverse range of cultures and socioeconomic groups in the city.

The head teacher, Sandra Jenkins, has been instrumental in transforming the school into a leading institution that has been recognised for its development of innovative learning environments that support and enrich the lives of all the students in the school and
that connect with the community as a whole. The vision of Freemans Bay of ‘Engage, Enrich, Empower’ has been the design driver that has helped to align school design and collaborative ways of teaching and learning.


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