Posted: 29th June 2020

COVID-AWARE LEARNING SPACE In the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic we asked designers to consider what a Covid-aware learning space might look like. What elements would be retained from the temporary solutions that were implemented in the early stages of the health emergency? And what could we learn from the new ways of delivering

Hereford Academy

Posted: 18th October 2014

Hereford Academy (AHR architects) Hot topic: Effective dialogue promotes good design  

Freemans School

Posted: 19th May 2019

  Freemans Bay School in New Zealand is Leading the way in implementing the government’s ‘innovative spaces’ learning strategy. Terry White shows us how an effective, learner-led curriculum strategy can be fully supported using imaginative architecture.   Freemans Bay School is situated in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand. With a transient, multi-cultural population of