29 Jun 2020


COVID-AWARE LEARNING SPACE In the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic we asked designers to consider what a Covid-aware learning space might look like. What elements would be retained from the temporary solutions that were implemented in the early stages of the health emergency? And what could we learn from the new ways of delivering

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22 Jun 2020

Designing Spaces for Future Focused Schools.

University of Westminster Workshop In this special edition Alastair Blyth and Terry White report on a one-day workshop developed to explore the gains, added value, and innocation, in the design process through working collaboratively with design professionals and schools in multidisciplinary teams. The workshop day was designed and facilitated by Alastair Blyth, Michal Cohen and

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16 Jan 2017

West Thornton School

Making A Reality of Your Vision for Learning “We believe children can consistently surprise us…but only if we let them” [Karen Dugan, Deputy Head Teacher] West Thornton is an outstanding primary school that has been on an evolutionary journey for many years. It has seen the impact of promoting Independent and pupil-led learning in the

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25 Nov 2015

CEFPI International Conference, San Diego

This successful event was held on the 22-26 October and was attended by the following UK Learning members: – Myton School, Warwick, UK. – IPACA, Portland, Dorset, UK. Details about this presentation can be found at www.cefpi.org The ‘Finding Our Way Back to the Future’ CEFPI International Conference presentation by Terry White and Melissa Heppell is

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