1st of July Beyond COVID: Sustainable Design 16:00 – 17:30 online event

1st JulyBeyond COVID: Sustainable Design. Meeting the challenge of transition and change.
  15th July  Beyond COVID: Developing concepts and themes with design teams from 1st July.
15th SeptemberA4LE Annual Online European Lecture. Designing Creative Spaces for Learning and Teaching.
  18th SeptemberBeyond COVID.A4LE Europe Design Teams workshop presentations.
  20th -22nd SeptemberA4LE Learning Spaces Live Event .Tauberbischofsheim, Germany.
  7th October      Learner-led Design Across Europe .On-line dialogue with Professor Stephen Heppell.    
  7th OCTOBER A4le International on-line conference. Learning SCAPES, San Antonio, Texas.
  20th NOVEMBERA4LE CONFERENCE: SPACE MATTERS   A conference and workshop reviewing the evidence and data that A4le/Europe have been developing on the design and use of space in schools linked to improved educational outcomes.
11th DECEMBEREngaging young people in school design, London/Copenhagen

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