West Thornton Academy, London 2018

18th October 2018, 

West Thornton Academy London, ‘live’ with Wes Imms, Melbourne University and Stephen Heppell



All learning spaces live events are distinctive in that they:

  • Are live at the host school to observe and explore the current practice first hand.
  • Are led by the school to explain their values and ethos and their approach to learning and teaching.
  • Demonstrate the relationship between pedagogy and space and the design of the learning environments to improve outcomes.
  • Provide a practical inquiry approach facilitated by the school A4LE UK-Europe and leading international educators and design professionals.
  • Promote informed debate for all those attending.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities in partnership with A4LEUK -Europe through local, regional, national and international practice.

West Thornton Academy Agenda. Thursday 18 October 2018

9.30 am to 9.45 am Welcome. Di Pumphrey Headteacher, Terry White Chair A4LEUK-Europe.

9.45 am to 10 15 am    Pedagogy and Space at West Thornton through our approach to learning and teaching in our current and new facilities.

10.15 am to 10.45 am  International Research Perspective on Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change in the context of West Thornton.  Professor Wes Imms ,Melbourne School of Education..

10.45 pm to 12.30 pm  Guided group tours of West Thornton, learning in action .

12.30 pm to 1.00 pm     Lunch.

1.00 pm 2.15 Pedagogy and space and the design of learning environments. A workshop review on observed practice at West Thornton, led by Professor Stephen Heppell.

2.15 pm to 3.00  pm   Wes  Imms  .Experience to date of the Melbourne University research findings on Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change: – Report here. Group discussion

3.00 pm to 3 15pm   Delegate review and close.


Places  for Learning Spaces  Live Events are limited as we are joining these learning communities for the day. Learning   Spaces Live tickets can be booked via Eventbrite here

Learning Spaces live Events are  free for members of A4LEUK-Europe and those wishing to join and receive our package should see our membership application form or contact Terry White: terry.white@a4le.co.uk or 07958403396

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