Neil Logue

Neil began his career as an Economist and Chartered Accountant working with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in a number of their offices around the world over a twelve year period. He has over thirty years of experience within public, private and social partnerships and has been a keen advocate of ensuring that resources are allocated.

in an effective way to enhance learning opportunities for young people and adults.

He is a passionate and experienced Design Professional who has been focussed on delivering Learning Environments and facilities for schools and local communities within BSF, Academies and the current School Capital Investment Programme over a ten year period. Central to his belief is that good dialogue and engagement is needed to ensure the How and Why of Space utilisation to meet user needs and deliver affordable and sustainable design solutions.

Neil founded the Education for All Trust, an International charity in 2006. It has directly supported a network of schools and NGO’s in twelve African countries – plus India and Pakistan – by distributing 99 containers of educational furniture, books and equipment which has enhanced the educational opportunities for tens of thousands of children in some of the most deprived areas of the world. Neil travels and works extensively in America, Australia and Africa.

Neil was also the instigator and founder of LearnSpace in Corby, Northamptonshire – a facility developed through a local private and public partnership including the EFA to become an applied action research centre for teaching and learning, and its impact on the planning and use of interior design and space.

Neil, who originates from Northern Ireland, is a life-long and continuous learner. He has a passion for knowledge sharing and collaborative working. He has first hand experience that dialogue is better than conflict and that seeking understanding will give a better solution regardless of the economic resources available.

Neil has been a member of CEFPI for the last six years and has been part of a Founding Team over the last two years to develop the vision and mission of CEFPI within the UK. Neil is a member of the International Board of CEFPI Inc. This provides a voice for best practice in the UK and allows the best in world educational progress to be made freely available in the UK.

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