16th January 2017

It is the  belief of A4LE-UK that our current economic climate demands that we must examine  carefully how best to deploy the levels of funding available for the much needed investment in our school facilities.

As a worldwide organisation A4LE is committed to creating healthy,safe,resilient and sustainable 21st century learning environments that inspire transformation in education and  improve learner outcomes and support cultural and community engagement.

To achieve this we believe that we must keep the learner at the heart of the design process and  focus on the current and future learning needs of young people through the active engagement and support of all professionals who value learning.

We want through A4LE-UK  to identify more  projects where innovative and transformational learning spaces have been created that are improving learning outcomes and providing new opportunities for teachers and staff in schools. Weareseeing classroom environments that  encourage collaboration, enable personalised approaches to learning and create a range of spaces for individual, group and whole class teaching.  Spaces that   are  flexible, dynamic and respond to arange of student learning needs.We are seeing the benefits of  more student centered approach to  learning and teaching that  recognizes the variety of skills, qualities and approaches that are needed for successful 21st century learning. The  establishment in schools of larger and more connected spaces where learners can enquire and find things out for themselves.Where technology is integrated almost like “the air we breathe” to liberate learning and furniture is adaptable ,agile and reconfigurable.

As an organisation we see evidence from schools around the world where learning has become more  personal and this is reflected in the confidence, enthusiasm and excitement that both learners and teachers share about the places in which  they work.

Please contact us through our Reference Projects link to share your experiences of developing new and creative environments for learning.

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