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A membership organisation that believes by bringing together teachers, educators, design professionals, researchers and all those who value the importance of improving learning opportunities and life chances for young people, is the only way to develop effective, sustainable and stimulating future educational facilities.

Making a difference because we believe that by keeping the client and the learner at the heart of the design process through effective dialogue with collaborative enquiry, research and professional stakeholder debate we will create ‘great schools’.

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Auckland – New Zealand 2018

Author: | 24th June 2018

Responses to Terry White's conference in Auckland with Freemans Bay School   . Read more


25th September 2018  Plymouth School of Creative Arts 'live' with Stephen Heppell  
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18th October 2018,  West Thornton Academy London, ‘live’ with Wes Imms, Melbourne Unive
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1-4 November 2018,  LearningSCAPES international conference, Chicago    
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It is the  belief of A4LE-UK that our current economic climate demands that we must examine  carefully how best to deploy the levels of funding available ...




Learning Environments Australia is a partner of the ILETC project .This project explores how space enhances teaching practices by  collecting  a range of data from principals and

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Introducing Learning Spaces ‘Live’

All learning spaces live events are distinctive in that they:

  • Are live at the host school to observe and explore the current practice first hand.
  • Are led by the school to explain their values and ethos and their approach to learning and teaching.
  • Demonstrate the relationship between pedagogy and space and the design of the learning environments to improve outcomes.
  • Provide a practical inquiry approach facilitated by the school A4LE UK-Europe and lead... Read more

Reference Project:

West Thornton School

Making A Reality of Your Vision for Learning "We believe children can consistently surprise us…but only if we let them" [Karen Dugan, Deputy Head



The A4LE team were invaluable in helping us to ensure that our approach to learning and teaching and our organisational approach were central to the development of the final design for our new facilities.


Head Teacher

Wood Newton Primary School - A Learning Community

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